Norman Thelwell

Norman Thelwell: Cartoonist
Norman Thelwell, iconic cartoonist in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is back to great delight through The Thelwell Estate. Over 50 years of Equestrian timeless zany humour perhaps most synonymous with Penelope and Kipper, the little girl and the short fat hairy pony. For anyone who has ever loved a pony, come laugh along with Norman Thelwell’s invaluable advice to aspiring equestrians on how to get into the saddle and stay there.

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The Thelwell Estate
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Thelwell Galloping
The Zany Humor of Galloping
Thelwell Horseshoes Periwinkle
The Zany Humor of Dreaming Again
Thelwell Balance
The Zany Humor of Balancing
Thelwell Horseshoes
The Zany Humor of Dreaming
Thelwell Whoops
The Zany Humor of Whoops
Thelwell Pattern
The Zany Humor of Walking
Thelwell Hearts
The Zany Humor of Winning
Thelwell Learner
The Zany Humor of Learning